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The Tourist (2010) - English subtitles

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ID 1123312

Date 10.03.2011 @ 02:13:01

OMDb 436900

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Language English

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[687][726]Thank you, captain.
[788][846]The target is still in the same place.
[875][900]Target is leaving the apartment.|Ten seconds.
[900][937]Start the engine.
[1190][1224]Underwear or no underwear today?
[1224][1280]Be a little more professional, guys.
[1320][1390]She's turning left.|She's going to her usual cafe.
[1484][1497]May I take your order?
[1497][1518]A tea with milk,|an orange juice and...
[1518][1532]And a croissant.
[1532][1551]It's already ordered.
[1551][1581]Thank you.
[1631][1647]Do you have a visual?
[1647][1674]We have a visual.|She's drinking her tea.
[1674][1688]Come again?
[1688][1707]She's drinking her tea!
[1707][1728]Did you ask for a tea, sir?
[1728][1766]No, no. Thank you.
[1905][1926]I'm looking for Ms. Elise Ward.
[1926][1973]That's Ms. Ward over there.
[1998][2010]Elise Ward?
[2010][2030]- Yes, it's me.|- I have an envelope for you.
[2030][2099]Somebody is taIking to her.|Looks like a courier.
[2171][2200]- Yes?|- She's at her usual cafe.
[2200][2224]She's speaking with a man.
[2224][2308]Looks like a messenger, you said to|call if anything changed in her routine.
[2308][2355]Stay on his face. His face.
[2396][2423]Do you think it's Alexander Pearce?
[2423][2453]I think everybody is Pearce.

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